Services Offered and Resources Provided

External Chief Financial Officer (CFO) – we have a strong desire to be on your management team.  The advantage of having an experienced, objective, optimistic professional is recommended for all successful teams.   Sometimes your ideas need to be heard, we are here to listen, to respond and to add clarity.  This is our most valuable service.


Performance and planning – this is where we THRIVE!! Overseeing your accounting system and advising either your staff or ours, ensures data integrity.   We cannot have a discussion without good information. Your financial statements tell a story about your decision making, management style, personality, leadership and core values.  It really comes down to personal commitment to a successful outcome and an honest discussion. Make an investment in this area.   Below are some options to help build value in your organization.

  • Internal and external financial statement preparation
  • Talking/interpretation of financial statements
  • Tax planning
  • Retirement vehicle selection (401(k), SIMPLE, IRA…)
  • Budgets and metrics
  • Succession planning
  • Building value through increasing intangible assets

Private and Public Speaking – we are built to share information.  Our presentations range from personal development to the insights of a financial data for multi-million dollar companies, or to a 6th grade classrooms and everything in between.  This is the fun part of the job and we can make it fun for you as well.  (I know fun and accountants is an oxymoron, but we’re different)


Personal Development – we use a coach and maybe you should consider the same.  Balance you and your business will be in balance too!  We have a great partner that can help facilitate this highly beneficial area and improve emotional intelligence (EQ) that will ultimately feed back to profit both personally and professionally.   This service is designed to compliment all our services.  When you get better, everything else gets better.  If you agree, this is the how to do it.


Compliance – tax returns are EASY, IF we do the other two services first.  Start right, end right.  The least we want to do is prepare your tax returns.  Combined, we have 50+ years of experience.  We provide service for all business related returns and prepare selected individual returns.


Professional Resources – we do what we do best and we let a qualified, selected group of professionals do what they do best, servicing the areas of:

  • Payroll, Third Party Administration of retirement plans, Legal, Investments, Insurance and Web Design.  We have great partners!