When you get better, everything else gets better

We believe that your business is a reflection of your internal situation. Evolving your life and your business for the right reasons is what real growth is all about. In short when you get better, everything else gets better.


Our approach includes three philosophies: educate, motivate, perform. One of our beliefs to consistent success is your commitment to be humble enough to ask and courageous enough to believe. In other words be in learning mode constantly and gracious submit to what you believe that is bigger than you.


Embrace it. Own it. Share it.


We invite you to experience Laudato & Company, a CPA firm determined to make an impact in your life and, subsequently, in your business.

bottom up approach

Our Core Philosophies

  • EDUCATELearning is imperative for leadership. Our top priority is to understand you, your personal vision, your peace at the house, your history, and your core values.We believe personal objectives drive the organization.We choose to invest a substantial amount of energy into understanding your purpose.Our professional experience reveals that the integrity of the numbers directly related to the strength of the owners commitment to their WHY.
  • MOTIVATEYou can continue toput out fires or find the guy with the match. Everybody knows what to do, so why don’t they do it?Maybe it’s risk, uncertainty, unwillingness to learn, perceived pain, speculation, following the wrong leader, or they simply don’t believe.“People that know what to do and how do things will always have a job, the ones that understand why will be in control” – Zig Ziglar.Own your title!
  • PERFORMWhen the direction is clear, it is much easier to bridge the emotional attachment to the desired outcome.Big gains are the result of empowering people to believe what you believe – tell them what you believe and WHY. When core values align, motivation remains high and performance grows exponentially.Your financial showcase you emotional decisions and tell a story about your commitment and leadership.The financials are a measurement of how you embrace your talents.